This course is open to anyone with any background. Whether you are planning your next career move as a blockchain developer, crypto trader, data analyst, researcher, or consultant, or are just looking for an introduction to the Bitcoin technology. This course will help you to begin developing the critical skills needed to future-proof your career.

Our narrative starts with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies explaining cryptocurrencies as the first use case for blockchain, and Bitcoin as the original inspiration. Our aim for this first course is to explore both the technological and social aspects of Bitcoin, and then introduce Ethereum towards the end, so as to dramatically reveal to students the amount of intuition that carries over between understanding different blockchain platforms at a high level. While the name of the epoch is “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies,” the primary motivation outside of explaining what the title says is to decouple the ideas of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from that of blockchain.

With the realization that their intuition carries from Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, to Ethereum, a more generalized blockchain platform, students then transition into the curriculum’s second course, Blockchain Technology. The aim for this second course is to further expand the student’s mental model of what blockchain is. At this point, students are confident in their understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, so in this epoch, we start by diving into important big-picture technical topics.

The course also provides an overview of Hyperledger, a collaborative project that is focused on business blockchain technologies. It also introduces the current Hyperledger frameworks and modules.

That’s where we are now, and we can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you through the discussions you start and the questions you ask. Our vision for Blockchain Fundamentals was to surmount the steep learning curve of blockchain and to create a space for students of all backgrounds to collaborate and learn together. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask in the discussion boards.

On behalf of all of our amazing course staff, I’d like to officially welcome you to the Onlineblockchain family.

We hope you enjoy the course!

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

        • discuss the basic properties and intent of centralized/decentralized currency and an in-depth understanding of Bitcoin from the ground up, including – Identity, Transactions, Record Keeping, and Consensus.
        • discuss real-world aspects of Bitcoin, such as wallets, wallet mechanics, mining, transactions, and Bitcoin governance and the various ways one can interface with the Bitcoin network.
        • Talk about the properties behind the second largest blockchain platform, Ethereum, including the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the idea of Turing completeness, the key protocol differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum, the use cases of Ethereum.
        • Discuss how Hyperledger leverages open standards and open governance to support business solutions.
        • Discuss Hyperledger frameworks (Iroha, Sawtooth, Fabric, Indy, and Burrow) and modules (Cello, Explorer, and Composer).